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Replacement MP4 TV Screen for Kids Electric Ride on Cars

Replacement MP4 TV Screen for Kids Electric Ride on Cars

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Replacement MP4 TV Screen For Kids Cars

A lot of the new Kids Licensed and Unlicensed Ride on Cars be it 12v or 24v Kids Cars, now come with an upgraded feature of a MP4 TV Screen, Kids being Kids we understand that they can get damaged, broken or in a state of disrepair, so we have worked hard with our suppliers and can now offer replacement MP4 Screens for your Kids ride on Electric Car.


We have listed the MP4 Screen as car specific but we encourage you to still check the connections to ensure they are the same.

We Stock MP4 Screens for the following Kids Ride on Electric Cars

XMX603 24v 2 seater Kids Ride on UTV

XMX606 24v Mercedes 2 seater Ride on Car X Class

XMX608 Mercedes GLC63s 2 seater 24v

XMX615 Lamborghini Veneno 2 Seater 24v Kids Electric Car

A032 2 Seater 24v Kids Electric Buggy

DKF650 Ford Ranger 24v 2 Seater Kids Electric Car

DKM720S Mclaren Kids Ride on Car

DKMT550 Ford Ranger Kids Monster Truck 

DK-RRE99 Range Rover Evoque Kids Ride on Car

DK-RR999 Range Rover Vogue 2 Seater Kids Ride on Car

HL289 Mercedes GTR 2 Seater Kids Car

HL528 Lamborghini Turismo 24v Kids Ride on Car

QLS6388 Lamborghini Sian Kids Electric Car

QLS6688 Audi E-Tron Kids Ride on Car

QLS5688 Mercedes GLC63 1 Seater Ride on Kids Car

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