Collection: Bentley Electric Ride on Cars

The Spirit of Ecstasy, which graces the iconic grille of every Bentley automobile, represents a century of outstanding artisanal workmanship and customised luxury transportation at its finest. Children may now revel in aristocratic elegance with our electric Bentley ride-on models.

This historic British company joins legendary names such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Maybach in our handpicked selection of miniature luxury automobiles meant to pique every youngster's interest in automotive aristocracy.

Each imaginatively designed ride on mimics key elements of sumptuous Bentley classics such as the dominating Bentayga SUV, the powerful Continental GT grand tourer, and even the... Read More

Interact With The Bentley to learn about its features

Black Bentley GT EXP12 Electric Ride-On Car for Kids with Open Doors

Working LED Headlights

Openable doors with lock

Wide textured tyres

Spring suspension system

Child car seat in black Bentley Bacalar, 12 volt electric ride-on with parent remote.

MP3 Player

Bentley Ride on Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box of Bentley ride on cars?

The box of a Bentley ride on car typically includes the assembled car, a 2.4g parental remote control, a charger for the 12V battery, and a user manual. The car comes equipped with features such as MP3 compatibility, sound buttons, LED lights, opening doors, a safety belt, and a fully functional suspension system.

What different types of Bentley cars do we provide?

Bentley offers a range of electric ride on cars, including the Black Bentley GT EXP12, Green Bentley GT EXP12, Purple Bentley GT EXP12, White Bentley GT EXP12, Blue Bentley Continental Supersports, Black Bentley Bacalar, White Bentley Bacalar, and Blue Bentley Bacalar. These cars are all 12V models and come with a parental remote control for safety and convenience.

What are the main features of Bentley?

Bentley ride on cars boast an array of features designed to provide a realistic and enjoyable driving experience for children. These features include a 2.4g parental remote control, MP3 compatibility, dynamic sound and music options, dual speed settings, LED lighting, a power indicator, a realistic start button, a gentle start function, fully functional suspension, opening doors, a USB and SD card reader, and a safety belt. The cars are suitable for children aged 1 to 5 years, have a maximum weight capacity of 30 kg, and can reach a top speed of 4-5 mph. They are backed by a 6-month manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.