Collection: Electric Ride on Cars For 2 Year Old's

Our selection of 12 volt and 24-volt electric ride-on Kids Cars is tailored exclusively to the budding 1-3 year old explorer. Small size reproductions licenced from legendary British luxury carmakers such as Range Rover, Bentley, and Jaguar spark imagination in 2-3 year olds via role play.

To help youngsters as young as one year old gain confidence, we provide durable push ride-on automobiles. At age two, 12 volt battery-powered versions provide electric mobility with a safe top speed of 3 mph. By the age of three, some toddlers may be ready for slightly quicker 24-volt cars while keeping... Read More

Interact with the Kids Car to learn about its features

Working LED Headlights & Taillights

Openable doors with lock

Wide textured tyres

Spring suspension system

AUDIO: MP4 video player, AUX, Display,USB, SD Card

Leather Seats

What speed do 2 year old electric ride on cars go?

Electric ride on cars designed for 2 year olds typically have a maximum speed of around 3 mph. This slower speed is safer for toddlers while still allowing them to get a taste of "driving".

What is the fastest speed for electric cars for 2 year olds?

The maximum speed for electric ride on cars for 2 year old is generally under 5 mph, however this depends on the car brand. Many limit speed to 3 mph for this age. Faster speeds increaserisk accidents for kids.

Should I buy a 12 volt or 24 volt ride on for my 2 year old?

Always choose a 12 volt ride on car for a 2 year old rather than a 24 volt version. The 12V battery provides the necessary slower speed for this age while still powering working features like lights and sounds.

Can a 2 year old switch between forward and reverse on ride on cars?

No, at age 2 reverse functionality introduces unnecessary risk. Stick to ride on cars with just a simple forward pedal and no reverse capability. Limiting motion to forward helps avoid any backing up accidents.

What kind of tires are best for toddler ride on cars?

For 2 year old ride on cars, rugged plastic tires with deep treads offer the most durability and stability. Air-filled rubber tires lack control for unsteady toddler drivers. High friction plastic tires grip surfaces well.

What types of ride on cars are available for 2 year olds?

Ride on types designed for 2 year olds include classic miniature cars like Mercedes, G-Wagon, BMWs or Ferarri,creative animal cars featuring animal shapes or motifs; construction vehicles like mini forklifts or excavators; and simple foot-to-floor plastic vehicles shaped like modern cars. Most are electric with 12 volt batteries, but some simple plastic push vehicles are also suitable.When focusing on 2 year old friendly vehicles, look for ones sized just for toddlers with working features like functioning steering wheels, doors, horns and engine sounds to spark imaginative play. Slow electric speeds capped at 3 mph prioritise safety and control over speed.