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Explore the world of luxury and adventure with our Mercedes G-Wagon .Electric ride-on automobiles for youngsters. These scaled-down reproductions of the renowned Mercedes G-Wagon combine traditional design with kid-friendly features, making them ideal for young adventurers who value flair and power. We are one of just a few UK vendors who utilise identical reproductions of the Gwagon.

Our Mercedes ride-ons accurately represent Mercedes-Benz's automotive prowess. Inspired by the G-Wagon's sturdy yet exquisite design, these electric automobiles provide children with the joy of driving a luxury vehicle adapted to their size and age, not to mention hours of entertainment.

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Working LED Headlights

Openable doors with lock

Wide textured tyres

Spring suspension system

MP3 Player

Mercedes G-Wagon Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box of Mercedes G-Wagon ride-on cars?

The Mercedes G-Wagon electric ride-on cars come with the car itself, a 24V battery and charger, a remote control for parental supervision, and an instruction manual.

What different types of Mercedes G-Wagon ride-on cars do you provide?

We offer a variety of Mercedes G-Wagon electric ride-on cars, including 12V models in black, blue, red, silver, and white colors, 24V two-seater models in black, red, white, and matte black finishes, and a 24V black Mercedes X-Class pickup ride-on.

What are the main features of Mercedes G-Wagon ride-ons?

Key features of our Mercedes G-Wagon electric ride-on cars include official Mercedes-Benz licensing for authentic design and badges, LED headlights and taillights for vivid illumination, a Bluetooth-enabled sound system for immersive audio, adjustable seatbelts and parental remote control for safety, powerful 50W motors for speeds up to 3 mph, durable construction with up to 30kg weight capacity, and suitability for children aged 3 and up, with a 6-month warranty.

Which Voltage ride on does your child need?

Finding the right voltage ride on for your child can be imporant as the voltage dicates the speed of the car. Read our guide to ride on voltages and age.