Collection: Jeep Electric Ride On Cars

For decades, iconic Jeep vehicles have transported adventurous families over harsh terrain. Our Jeep-licensed electric ride-on models allow youngsters to harness their off-road heritage in their own garden!

Chunky shapes carved with trademark 7-slot grilles transform luxurious SUV designs into rugged tiny companions. Knobby tread tyres stick tenaciously to grass, gravel, or mud, allowing you to traverse practically any terrain.

Electric powerplants provide smooth, quick acceleration and torque that mirror powerful V6 capabilities, but are now responsibly limited to toddler-safe speeds. Drivetrains designed for year-round outdoor endurance are ready to tackle rock crawling garden obstacles or cruise-paved... Read More

Interact With The Jeep to learn about its features

An electric, green Rubicon ride-on car for kids, modelled after a 4WD Jeep Wrangler, isolated on white.

Working LED Headlights

Openable doors with lock

Wide textured tyres

Spring suspension system

Green Rubicon 4WD 12V electric ride-on car for children on a white background

MP3 Player

Jeep Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box of Jeep ride-on cars?

Jeep ride on cars typically come with the fully assembled vehicle, a charger for the battery, a parental remote control, and an instruction manual. Some models may also include additional accessories like MP3 player cables or spare parts. The exact contents can vary depending on the specific model.

What different types of Jeep ride-on cars do you provide?

We offer a range of Jeep ride on car models, including the iconic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in various colours such as green and black. These authentic, licensed Jeep products capture the brand's spirit of adventure and come equipped with features like 4WD systems, powerful 12V batteries, and realistic design elements. Our selection caters to different preferences and budgets.

What are the main features of Jeep ride-ons?

Jeep ride on cars boast a variety of exciting features that enhance the driving experience for kids. These include functional doors for easy entry, working suspension systems for smooth rides on different terrains, and 2.4G Bluetooth parental remote controls for safety and convenience. Many models also feature MP3 player inputs, USB/SD card slots for music playback, interactive steering wheel sounds, and bright LED headlights for added fun and visibility. Powerful motors and durable tires ensure strong performance on various surfaces.

Which Voltage ride on does your child need?

Finding the right voltage ride on for your child can be imporant as the voltage dicates the speed of the car. Read our guide to ride on voltages and age.