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Pink Range Rover Vogue HSE 2 Seater Ride On Jeep with parental control

Pink Range Rover Vogue HSE 2 Seater Ride On Jeep with parental control

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Introducing the Pink Range Rover Vogue HSE 2 Seater Ride-On Jeep with parental control, fully licensed to replicate the prestigious Range Rover Vogue HSE Autobiography. This impressive two-seater boasts a myriad of luxurious extras, mirroring the opulent design and styling of its full-sized counterpart.

Key Highlights:

  • Officially Licensed Range Rover Vogue HSE Autobiography 24V Ride-On Jeep
  • Realistic Two-Seater Design
  • Bluetooth Parental Remote Control (2.4G)
  • Built-in MP4 Player for Entertainment on the Go
  • Premium Leather Seats for Comfortable Riding Experience
  • EVA Noise Reduction Tyres for Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Spring Suspension for Enhanced Ride Comfort
  • LED Lights for Added Visibility and Style
  • Functional Opening Doors and Bonnet
  • Removable Battery for Convenient Charging
  • Safety Seat Belt for Secure Riding
  • Carry Handle for Easy Transportation
  • Key Start Feature for Authentic Driving Experience
  • Forward and Reverse Gears for Versatile Movement
  • Slow Start Functionality with Remote Control for Added Safety
  • Detailed Trim on Doors and Dash for a Stylish Finish
  • Top Speed of up to 5km/h for Thrilling Adventures
  • Equipped with 4x 35w Motors for Powerful Performance
  • *Batteries: 12V 14AH (24V) for Long-lasting Power

Detailed Specifications:

  • Charge Time: 8 Hours +
  • Colour: Pink
  • Brand: Range Rover
  • Max Weight: 50kg
  • Number Of Seats: 2
  • Top Speed: 3-7km/h
  • Voltage: 24V (12V 14AH)
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 66cm
    • Length: 146cm
    • Width: 80cm

Licensed by Range Rover, this ride-on Jeep encapsulates luxury and style, making it not just any toy car but a true status symbol for young adventurers.

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