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Pink High Roof Beach Buggy 24 Volt

Pink High Roof Beach Buggy 24 Volt

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New 24v Beach buggy with parental remote control function, new for 2023.

This is our first single seat UTV buggy available for kids and has a very high specification with a 24v battery and 2 powerful 120w motors. This also comes with Eva rubber wheels and Leather Seat.

Available in 2 colour Camo and Pink 

Want to view this item before you make a purchase, then why not visit our showroom in Leeds

This has many amazing features and specifications are as follows:


  • MOTORS: 2x120W
  • BATTERY: 24v
  • GEARBOX: 2 Gears (forward/backward), 3 Speed Modes (slow, normal, fast)
  • DIMENSIONS: 118cm x 76cm x 104cm (Built)
  • MAX SPEED: 3-7km/h
  • BOX WEIGHT: 37kg
  • MAX LOAD: 50kg
  • CHARGING TIME: 8 hours
  • USAGE DURATION: up to 1 hour
  • BRAKE: Emergency brake from R/C


  • DOORS : Yes
  • KEYS: No
  • SEAT: Leather Seat
  • WHEELS: EVA rubber 
  • REMOTE CONTROL: 2.4G Bluetooth , 3 Speed Selection (slow, normal, fast)
  • LIGHTS: Headlights, Taillights
  • AUDIO: MP3, AUX, Display,USB, SD Card
Ideal for 1 child upto 4/5 yrs (Note: This is an approx guidance as each child varies in size and weight)
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