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BMW M5 Kids Ride on Electric Car 12 Volt

BMW M5 Kids Ride on Electric Car 12 Volt

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Experience elegance and exhilaration with the BMW M5 Kids Electric Ride-On Car, a 12-volt treasure that encapsulates the thrill of driving. With its authentic design, this ride-on car mirrors the sophisticated appeal and dynamic performance of the iconic BMW M5, making it a dream ride for any young enthusiast.

This miniature powerhouse is meticulously crafted to echo the distinctive BMW features, from the iconic grille to the sporty alloy wheels and perfectly sculpted curves, ensuring it stands out as a true BMW masterpiece. Its 12-volt battery guarantees a smooth and robust ride, enhancing the overall driving experience with lasting enjoyment.

Packed with an array of exciting features, this BMW ride-on offers front and rear lights, a four-wheel suspension for a smooth journey, a horn, and authentic car sounds for a realistic driving sensation. It boasts a high or low-speed selection and a gentle start function for seamless acceleration, ensuring comfort and safety. Additionally, it includes a USB slot for MP3 sounds, enriching every ride with your child's favourite tunes.

A highlight that sets this car apart is the added neon lights in the footwell and under the car, offering an extra layer of coolness and excitement. With the ability for adults to remotely control the car, it combines fun with safety, making it the ultimate ride this season.

Key Highlights:

  • Authentic Design: Detailed BMW iconic grille, sporty alloy wheels, and distinct BMW curves.
  • Dynamic Features: Front and rear lights, four-wheel suspension, horn, real sounds, and MP3 USB slot.
  • Control and Comfort: High or low-speed selection, gentle start function, and remote parental control.
  • Added Flair: Neon lights under the car and in the footwell for an extra cool factor.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Colour Options: White, Black, Blue, or Paint Silver.
  • Charge Time: 6 hours for full charge.
  • License: Officially licensed by BMW.
  • Maximum Weight Load: Up to 30kg.
  • Number of Seats: Single seater.
  • Top Speed: 3 to 5 kmph.
  • Battery Power: 12v 7Ah for prolonged fun.
  • Extras: Leather seat and Eva wheels for enhanced comfort.
  • Dimensions: Length 124cm, Width 74cm, Height 55cm.
  • Age Range: Suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years.
  • Motors: Equipped with 2 x 550 12000RPM motors for powerful performance.

Transform your child's playtime into an extraordinary adventure with the BMW M5 Kids Electric Ride-On Car. It's not just a toy; it's an experience that merges luxury, safety, and exhilaration, creating unforgettable moments of joy.

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