Collection: Lamborghini Electric Ride on Cars

Lamborghini's roaring bull emblem represents exotic Italian sports automobiles that have pushed performance limits for more than 50 years. Your youngsters may now enjoy the height of automotive excitement with our officially licenced Lamborghini kid's electric ride-on car models!

Each imaginatively made tiny masterpiece captures the soul of the Lamborghini supercar. Sleek, angular shapes suggest record-breaking speed. Signature scissor doors open to expose cockpit chambers designed for drivers seeking the maximum exhilaration.

Iconic Y-shaped running lights flank intake vents feeding power-hungry engines, which have now been replaced by responsive electric motors that are safe for skill development. Colours... Read More

Interact With The Lamborghini to learn about its features

Working LED Headlights

Openable doors with lock

Wide textured tyres

Spring suspension system

Green Lamborghini SVJ kids ride-on with parent remote control from Kids Car Store.

MP3 Player

Lamborghini Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box of Lamborghini ride-on cars?

When you purchase a Lamborghini ride-on car from our store, you'll receive everything needed to get your child driving in style. The box includes the ride-on car itself, a parental remote control for safe supervision, a UK charger to keep the battery powered up, the 12V rechargeable battery, and a comprehensive user manual. Some minor assembly may be required, but all the essentials are provided for an exhilarating unboxing and setup experience.

What different types of Lamborghini ride-on cars do you provide?

We offer an exciting range of officially licensed Lamborghini ride-on models, each capturing the essence of the iconic Italian supercars. The collection includes the sleek Lamborghini SVJ, available in a spectrum of vibrant colours such as green, yellow, and pink. We also feature the bold Lamborghini Urus SUV for kids who prefer a more commanding presence. For those seeking cutting-edge technology, the Lamborghini Sian boasts an MP4 screen and advanced parental controls. Whichever model you choose, your child will experience the thrill of driving a miniature version of these legendary vehicles.

What are the main features of Lamborghini ride-ons?

Lamborghini ride-on cars from our store are packed with features designed to provide an authentic and engaging driving experience for kids. Each model boasts a faithful reproduction of the original car's design, from the signature scissor doors to the sleek, aerodynamic silhouettes. The cars are equipped with powerful 12V batteries and twin 35W motors, enabling speeds of up to 3Km/Hr and smooth navigation in all directions. Safety is paramount, with secure seatbelts, EVA rubber tyres, and four-wheel suspension systems ensuring a stable ride. Parents can maintain control using the 2.4G Bluetooth remote, while kids will love the working headlights, sound effects, and MP3/USB connections for personalised entertainment.

Which Voltage ride on does your child need?

Finding the right voltage ride on for your child can be imporant as the voltage dicates the speed of the car. Read our guide to ride on voltages and age.